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Pigeon Island   Pigeon Island
Pigeon Island, with its gleaming image, really deserves to be symbol of Kusadasi. The eye-catching view of the island, uniting with the panoramic colors of sunset attract every visitors. As the island was much-frequented place of birds during the seasonal migrations, it was named as Bird Island.
National Park
The ideal place to escape from town fuss and noise is a well-merited rest and beach afternoon in the national park (since 1960's) of Kalamaki in the "Dilek Peninsula". Located approx. 30 km South of Kusadasi, it is only 1-2 km far from the Greek island Samos.
  National Park - Dilek Millipark
Sirince   Sirince Village
This pretty old Orthodox village, 12 km away from Ephesus and 30 km from Kusadasi, was once Cirkince ("ugly"). Indeed its habitants gave this name on purpose as they did not want to be bothered by foreigners nor to share the beauty of their village.
The 18 km of road from Kusadasi to Selcuk pass through spectacular beach and mountain scenery. The pretty town Selcuk is famous with its being a fascinating mixture of all historical periods. The strategic location of Selcuk has provided to be a popular place to settle down during the centuries. The name ‘Selcuk’ comes from the Turkish tribes settled in the region by the 12th century.
Bafa Lake   Bafa Lake
Bafa Lake offers an ideal location for relaxation with its impressive setting, and full with visitors who prefer cooling off in the lakeside cafes & restaurants for enjoying the excellent view. As an ancient gulf transformed into a lake by the alluvial deposits of the river Meander (Buyuk Menderes), Lake Bafa, is situated at the foot of Mount Latmus, at the size of 10 miles length and 3 miles width.
Davutlar, a small quite town, populated 6000 in the winter and rising up to 35000 in the summer, is situated 15km south of Kusadasi, on the way to National Park. The center of the town is a bit farther from the sea, but fine powdery sand of the beaches situated around, provide a good opportunity for relaxing. The sparkling clear waters of the beaches also attract many visitors of Davutlar.
Guzelcamli   Guzelcamli
Located 23km south-west of Kusadasi, Guzelcamli offers a peaceful atmosphere by the seaside. Since its founding in 700BC, the town has been continually inhabited by many civilizations.
A 20 km enjoying road journey, experiencing varied tones of green on the valleys and spectacular view of Kusadasi gulf from the high mountains, reaches to Soke. The city is reputed for its immense agricultural lands. Soke market is also very attractive.
Aydin   Aydin
Aydin, as the capital city of Kusadasi, is situated on the western side of Turkey and about 65km east from Kusadasi. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Mountain Samsun, the area around Aydin is also rich in culture and history.
The site is named in Turkish as "Pamukkale", that means "cotton castle", parallel to the glorious and spectacular view of the site.The dazzling white calcareous castles are formed by limestone-laden thermal springs, creating the unbelievable formation of stalactites, patholes and cataracts. Waters in the terraces are the sediments of the springs with calcium bicarbonate in 33 and unique in Turkey.
Izmir   Izmir
Izmir, third biggest city of Turkey, called Pearl of the Aegean, has been planned in such a way that the chaotic environment of metropolises has been avoided. Izmir is located at the beginning of a long narrow gulf called Izmir Gulf which has a mild and sunny weather. It is a city which is famous for its lovely weather and beautiful girls.
Samos is an island which combines history and tradition with natural beauty. Here, everywhere provides an invitation to the visitor, because what ever his/her interests are, they will be catered for. For that reason, without wishing to be accused of excessive local patriotism, we can say in all seriousness that Samos is truly an ideal place for holidays.

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Places to go around Kusadasi
Sirince Village, Dilek national park,
Izmir, Aydin an Greek Island Samos.
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