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Please browse the sections below to find detiled information about each attraction or historical sight in Kusadasi. You can find the Kusadasi Maps Help Guide downbelow of the this page.

In order to find places, attractions in Kusadasi on Kusadasi map, you can use Kusadasi Maps. Kusadasi map has three styles. By clicking on "map" you may see the road map of Kusadasi and around. "Satellite" shows the satellite imagery of Kusadasi and around. "Hybrid" shows the imagery with street names. You may zoom in and out to view the location and direction of any Kusadasi Place by clicking on "-" and "+" on the left of the map.


Places to Visit While in Kusadasi Places to Go Locations Kusadasi Beaches Beaches
Sirince Village Town Beach
Selcuk Long Beach
Davutlar Ladies Beach
Guzelcamli Kustur Beach
National Park Paradise Beach
Bafa Lake Silver Beach
Izmir National Park Beaches
Soke Pamucak Beach
Aydin Sunrise Beach
Pamukklale Green Beach
Samos Island (Greece) Miracle Beach Club


Historical Sites to Visit Historical Places General Attractions Attractions
Ephesus Bar Street
House of Virgin Mary Kaleici Bars
Temple of Artemis Harbour
Cave of Seven Sleepers Marina
Basilica of St. John Adaland Aquapark
Aphrodisias Aquafantasy Aquapark
Pergamum Governmet Hospital
Didyma Private Hospital
Caravanserai Izmir Int. Airport
Pigeon Island Bodrum Int. Airport


Map Usage

Kusadasi Maps
Please use this tool to zoom in-out of the map.
  • Double left mouse click (zoom-in)
  • Double right mouse click (zoom-out)

You can Drag the map to move around.

Kusadasi Maps
Map: Show streets in sketch style
Satellite: Show satellite imagery
Hybrid: Show imagery with street names

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Places to go around Kusadasi
Sirince Village, Dilek national park,
Izmir, Aydin an Greek Island Samos.
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