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Historical Sites to visit around Kusadasi

Everyone knows that Turkey has got a lot of historical importance and more of it's history belongs to its historical City Kusadasi. Following are places you would love to visit around Kusadasi. These are a few of the places you should visit in Kusadasi like Ephesus and Pergamum..
Ephesus   Ephesus
It is known as one of the most ancient cities of Kusadasi of Greek era. Ephesus was the most important commercial area and was constructed as a port on a fertile valley. It was a famous trade center since it was on an important trade route and now it is traced as a small area thirty kilometer far from Kusadasi. The ruins and the city is now located in a rich valley. The ruins of the library, gymnasium and theater are what attract the tourists and draw about thousands of visitors each day..
Temple of Artemis
Temple of Artemis is one of the seven wonders of ancient world. It was originally built on flat area near Ephesus but now the area has turned into a swamp over the centuries. Now, there are only ruins left of this fantastic construction which was built in the Hellenistic age. You can find the statue of the many-breasted Artimision which is a famous attraction near Ephesus. The statue was part of the temple bit it symbolizes abundance, wild life, hunting and wealth.
  Temple of Artemis
House of Virgin Mary   House of Virgin Mary
The shrine of virgin Mary is a very popular landmark here that is worth visiting. It is located at the top of the bulbul mountain near Ephesus and has a very tranquil atmosphere since it is hidden in the greens. It is because of this tranquility, that Mary is known to come here and spent her last years. It is known that she may have come with Saint John alongside her who had spent many years in this area to spread Christianity. The house is fully made of stone in the popular Roman architecture. .
Seven Sleepers
The burial churches built in a natural cave on the skirt of Mount Pion (PanaYlr), to the north of Ephesus, are known as Seven Sleepers' Grotto. The legend of Seven Sleepers in the Christian tradition is as follows: Probably in the reign of Emperor Decius (250 - 253), seven young Christian men fled from the forced participation in the pagan cults and hid in a cave. Having slept for 200 years, they woke up in the reign of Theodosius II (408-450). Their names were Maximian, Malchus, Martinian, Dionysius, John, Serapion and Constantine. 
  Seven Sleepers
St John   St. John
It is believed that the evangelist St. John had spent his last years in the region around Ephesus and buried in the southern slope of Ayosolug Hill. Three hundred years after the death of Saint Paul, a small chapel was constructed over the grave in the 4th century. The church was changed into a marvelous basilica during the region of Emperor Justinian ( 527 -565 AD). The monumental basilica was in the shape of a cross and was covered with six domes. Its construction, being of stone and brick, is an extremely rare find amongst the architecture of its time.
Aphrodisias not just enjoys a rich historical value but it is also enriched in beautiful scenery and greenery which includes Poplar and Olive trees. This place was famous for being a center of philosophy and medicine where these subjects were taught and practiced. It is a place known for being a popular school of sculptures where this art was taught. The sculptures made in this place were famous all over the Roman Empire and can be found in famous temples..
Didyma   Didyma
After visiting the Priene and Miletos, a visitor goes to the Didyma which is also a famous temple and is dedicated to Apollo. This temple is a largest of all temples in this area. This temple was so large that it took around 200 years to construct it yet it was planned to make it without ceiling.
When Alexander the Great died, his general Lysimachus deposited all his wealth in Pergamum under the custody of his lieutenant, Philetaerus. However, when the general also died, Philetaerus used this wealth and founded the dynasty of Attalid Kings which became an important center in Hellenistic civilization. .
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