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Ephesus was founded by Androclos who was the son of king of Athens-Kodros. He was a migrant who had fled the Dor invasion in Greece and in fact, he was the leader of a migration convoy in the year, 10 BC. He was therefore, looking for a new place to settle down with all his migrants.

EphesusAn Apollon Oracle predicted the place of the new settlement would be determined by a fish and a boar. Hence, after a few days, a fish accidentally feel out of the pan while it was beign fried and it fell on the boar nearby. The boar started to run because of fright. Androclos saw the connection with the prediction and chased the boar. The lace where he killed the boar is the one where he founded Ephesus. After the death of Androclos in the war against Carians, a museum was built at that place in his memory.

In the mid 6BC, the Lydian King, Kreisos was the king of Ephesus. The progress of the city was excellent in culture, art and trade. There was a Golden Age in which the city proved to be a model for the Antic world especially in culture and art. Since there are still excavations to be done in the area, there are no further details of that age.

Ephesus History

As descripbed in Ephesus History, after some time, Ephesus was ruled by Persians and there was a large population of Persians here. When the Ionian Rebellion against Persians started, the city of Ephesus did not join the rebellion and so, it was saved from destruction which other cities suffered. However, the Persians got defeated by Alexander the Great in the year 334. During the time of Alexander’s rule, the city prospered greatly.

EphesusHowever, there was a problem in the governing systems. There were two systems in that area, democratic and oligarchic. The oligarchic system had a rebellion because it was violated by a new ruler and so a rebellion started in Ephesus History..

During this rebellion, the famous Temple of Artemis was set to fire and it was known that the supporters of Oligarchy were responsible for that. However, it is also kno0wn that a madman Herostratus had set it to fire on the same night when Alexander was born just because he wanted to make himself immortal. After the destruction of the temple, Alexander proposed to repair it but the people refused giving the reason that Alexander is a God and he cannot build a temple for another god. Alexander got very happy with this since he was proud of him being a God and so, he rewarded the Ephesus city with certain privileges. However, an architect, Dinocrates repaired and renovated the Temple of Artemis.

Ephesus HistoryAfter Alexander’s death, Ephesus was governed by Lysimakhos who was a general of the former king. During the year 287 BC, the location of Ephesus was decided to be changed as it was destroyed by the deposit of alluvium and so the people were forced to settle in the new place. Even the name was changed to Arsinoeina which was the name of the wife of the king. There was a high and strong stone wall that surrounded the city and protected it. After some time, the name again changed to Ephesus.


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