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Ephesus Ruins near Kusadasi Turkey

Ancient Ephesus city ruins is located in western Turkey in Selcuk, Izmir. Kusadasi is only 15 kilometers from this open air museum. Also Kusadasi is the closest holiday resort to Ephesus and known as Ephesus port. The Ephesus beach is not too far away and is at a distance of 5 km.

Ephesus Turkey

Ephesus Curetes Street

Ephesus is also considered as one of the precious, ancient sites by it's rich history and a great cultural background. It is said that this city of Ephesus was created by Androclos. He is known to be the son of king of Athens. This king, fled from the place and settled in a new locations. Once when he was hunting a boar, the boar ran, and finally he caught it, and killed it. The place where the boar was slain was known to be the place from the city of Ephesus was established. However, just like anything else, historians have also other sayings. Some also say that Ionians were the ones who founded this city. Whoever, founded the city of Ephesus, it was later expanded by Romans, and eventually made the capital of the large empire. The city is situated on the mouth of the Cayster River. It is also a great sea port, and that is why also it was a great commercial centre.

Attractions in the Ancient City

So, with a rich cultural background, the city of Ephesus also attracts people with religious interest. It is the city where there is the Temple of Artemis. This is the shrine of the goddess Artemis. Moreover, a number of Christians also visit the place, because it is a place where Christianity spread. A number of important cults were there in Ephesus, some of these include the House of Virgin Mary, as well as the St John Basilica.

Ephesus bay mapAnother reason for its rich culture is that the city of Ephesus as been invaded by a number of people. That is why there is a mixed culture in there. When the tourists enter the city, they will see the main entrance gate which is the Magnesia Gate, a place to be impressed with. Then walking on the marble street of Ephesus is also worth it. The fountains, theaters and temples in Ephesus are just worth seeing. There are some places that have been renovated according to the present times, while some are left as they are. tourists who go to Ephesus love to take pictures of all these ancient sites. The Celsus Library, is also a place to visit.

It is said that 5 % of the ancient city has been uncovered. there is a lot more of it hidden beneath the earth, and when one looks at the ruins, it leaves him wondering, and wondering of how the ancient life in Ephesus would be, it is truly a place to visit. When one visits Ephesus, he would find himself in an ancient world, somewhere other than the original world, in which they live. It is full of peace and serenity, free of all the tensions and worries of daily life. The ancient site was originally founded on the Aegean Coast, which is a sea situated at a distance of 8 km from the archaeological ruins. Ephesus ruins have puffed up the alluvial plains which bordered the archaeological zone of the area.

Ephesus Location

Ephesus location mapEphesus is located on the western part of Turkey at Aegean sea coast. Due to it's location it was once a trading centre and a religious place, with a number of temples and churches. It is one of the important ancient, commercial cities of the Mediterranean part of the world. All those tourists who are planning to make their next vacation at Ephesus, must get enough knowledge of all these places, so that they can concentrate on looking at them, once they reach there.

A number of private Ephesus tour companies are available, that provide private vehicles and guides for the tourists, so they could go round the city, and look at places with their own ease and comfort.

The areas where The City located on as follows:

  • Ephesus I: Aya Suluk (St. John Area);
  • Ephesus II: Artemission area;
  • Ephesus III: Port of St. Paul: base of Mount Koressos;
  • Ephesus IV: north of Aya Suluk;
  • Ephesus V: Selcuk area.

Ephesus Harbour street The harbor often silted up as the harbor was man made and because of the backwards flow of the river. However, when the siltation was removed and cleaned, the harbor was great and a strategic seaport. City was located at a very strategic land route and at the intersection of three land routes. The routes that intersected on the city included The land routes that converged included The Colossae road, the roads which went towards Sardis and Galatia and the Smyrna main road..

The land routes that converged on Ephesus included:

  1. The Colossae / Laodicea road (traveling east),
  2. The road to Sardis and Galatia (northeast),
  3. The Smyrna (north) main road.

The Population

Some historians believe that the population at Ephesus III exceeded 250,000 people which made it the fourth largest during its time after Rome, Alexandria and Antioch.

The city was very economically and has great business and trade going on. It was this reason why it was called Supreme Metropolis of Asia. However, this economic progress started to decline slowly after some time.

To see the ruins, take a Private Ephesus tour choices and explore..



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