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About us & Kusadasi & The guide

We are internet services company based in Kusadasi, Turkey. We have different variety of products such as web site design, search engine submission and search engine positioning-ranking. In addition to these, we develop and integrate database applications together as complete package as well as web based e-commerce applications for our clients. We also consult many clients based on our product range and internet security issues.

We have first developped Kusadasi web sites in year 1998 and we have been approving, adding and updating our Kusadasi websites since then. Our main aim has always been to promote the town of Kusadasi and it's unique beauty to the whole world.
Kusadasi has become very popular holiday resort within the last few years due to rapid attention to property market for Kusadasi and also for the other resorts of Turkey. The number of new property developments built within the last year and also the second hand resale houses, villas and apartments has come to a point where we can easly say that, Kusadasi is not just for holiday but also for life. If you have any questions about us, or Kusadasi; feel free to ask us..

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